Description in builder for each field

As my app grows more complex I wish I had written notes as I had gone describing what each of the fields are or what role they play (some are more obvious than others). It would be great to have a "Description" field in the settings of each field in the builder, instead of having to write notes. Perhaps this could also be done for page views.

Agreed. We NEED this.

For sure. Our app is already at the point where just looking at the long list of field, and more signifcantly, rules it is really difficult to remember out what is going. We could so use some way to annotate fields and rules!

You can now use field descriptions to add more context to a field when the name isn’t enough.

You’ll now see a description input when editing a field. When added, these descriptions will show up as information icons in your field list and record columns. Hovering over the icon reveals the description.

Learn more at: Getting to Know the New Builder - Knack Knowledge Base