Comment for Database & Interface

As the database gets more complex, can Knack implement a comment field for the database, database field and interface?

This is important as the database becomes bigger and more complex.

I could not agree more! This seems like a fairly basic function. I think there could be multiple use cases for this and maybe even a couple variants. Off the top of my head I noted a couple examples below.


1 - Builder view only: providing a comment/note attached to the database field would provide more detail and clarity about what this info is used for, where it comes from, and when/why it was added. As project personnel rotate or depart their replacements can have an idea of what they are looking at without constantly referencing some external taxonomy/nomenclature document.

2 - End User Viewable: Why not have a little help or info button available to describe the purpose of the field and could include any relevant instructions? This could be native parameter to the field with some function capable of turning off/on/how it appears in each page where the field is displayed. We have a plan for a number of users to access and update the info in an app through the plan/design/install phase of large scale/long term telecom asset deployment that will likely include a degree of personnel turnover. 

keywords: data field comment description note 

Me too! Would love to have comments as I have to keep documentation separately. For example, I have an interface page that I left for future implementation and restricted access to "alpha testers" roles - but the naming does not tell this so I have to confirm that this is the exact object I am looking for in the project documentation