Adding Notes to Record Rules and others

Hi there.

I have a very complex system with quite alot of record rules. Some enhancements that would be good for me and maybe others too :slight_smile:

  • Adding a title and comment note to a record rule (a field next to “Record Rule #1” for setting the title and another underneath the title that by default is collapsed (…) that makes it possible for me to scibble some notes on what the record rule does.
  • When accessing a page, I can push a button in the back-end and it is going to show me the Record rules in a table with the name and the description. Great for remembering stuff!
  • creating rulesets for reuse: I create 10 rules on a page that I need to reused on another page. System checks that the rule can be applied and then does this.
  • copy pages section completely: So I have an access account type that has their own pages. I want to clone the entire setup and past it to another user to the make changes. Think: I have a Client account, I want to create a super Client account that captures more than one Client and I want to be able to do that easily.


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Hi @GSH!

I’ve shared this with our product team to consider. Thank you for sharing your request!