Ability to add brief descriptions / signifiers to display rules?

As a Builder or Success Team member, I would like to have the rules in the Builder (submit, display, record) to be numbered and/or have brief descriptions so that I can easily refer to those numbers in setting them up or troubleshooting. This could also apply to conditional rules, validation rules, etc.

I am adding my vote too! We have a couple pages that have tons of rules. It would be so helpful to have reminders what the rules are for! This will help as we get other developers on board our app and so they can quickly figure out what is going on.

I am adding my vote here - and to also ask for the same short text in the Form Rules / Record Rules. Especially with multiple rules it would be very helpful to have quick text to remind whomever what each does and why they are in that order, etc. Thx

While we do not have an area for descriptions, in the new Builder, anywhere there are rules, they are now numbered for more easy reference. We hope this helps you out here!

See for how this looks and more information on record rules: