How to add custom text in a page using Javascript


My programming knowledge is not too great. I would like to add some free text to the home page. I know I need to use some javascript code, but I'm struggling to figure this out. This what I have written.

$(document).on('knack-scene-render.scene_166', function(event, page) {

Any ideas please?

what text do you want to add? and where on the login page?

Hi Stevan

<br> is used to break lines of a paragraph using HTML. What will you use for javascript to make space?

Hi Steven

I have added this before with other screens. I cannot add rich text to a login screen. When the user clicks on the hyper link they will be taken to the SSO page. This is where I require the text.

Thanks Steven.

Do I need to create this in the form interface? I don't want remove any screen. I just want to add text to an existing screen.


I suggest you to add a rich text view to your page. (add view > other views > rich text)