Help Needed: Creating a Function to Track Private Lesson Packages for Jujitsu Gym Students

Help Needed: Creating a Function to Track Private Lesson Packages for Jujitsu Gym Students

Hey everyone,

I hope you’re all doing well! I’m reaching out to this amazing community for some assistance with a project I’m working on for a jujitsu gym. We’re looking to create a new function within our app that will help us keep track of private lesson packages for our students, and I could really use your expertise.

Here’s a bit more detail about what we have in mind:

Project Overview:
Our jujitsu gym offers private lesson packages to our students, and we want to streamline the process of managing and tracking these packages. Currently, We are using a qr code for students to check in, and it’s been working great. But, typically students buy private lessons in bulk and tracking this isn’t very straightforward in Knack.

Functionality Needed:
We need to create a function within our app that allows us to:

  1. Create Packages: We want to be able to input package details, including the student’s name, package type (e.g., 5 sessions, 10 sessions), and the start date of the package.

  2. Track Sessions: For each package, we need to track the individual sessions as they are used. It’s essential to record when a student uses a session and have an option to mark it as used within the app. Perhaps, a bucket with a finite number Of sessions purchased which is then reduced when the student checks in.

  3. Expiration Alerts: The app should also provide alerts or notifications when a package is about to expire or when the student is running low on sessions.

While I have some programming experience, I’m not an expert in app development, and I believe that this community is filled with talented individuals who might have tackled similar challenges before. Your insights, suggestions, or even code snippets would be incredibly valuable to us as we embark on this project.

If you’ve had experience developing a similar function or have any advice, resources, or ideas to share, please don’t hesitate to reply to this post or send me a private message. Your assistance would mean a lot to us and help improve the efficiency of our gym operations.

Thank you in advance for your time and support! I’m excited to hear your thoughts and suggestions.