Organizing Access to Knack Platform Apps - Need Advice

Hello fellow forum members,

I hope you’re all doing well. I’ve recently found myself facing a challenge with organizing access for my clients who have apps built on the Knack platform. The issue at hand is that each client, in this case, represents a different gym, and they all have separate apps hosted at distinct web addresses on my subdomain.

To give you a clearer picture, I currently have around 200 gyms, and each of them has their own Knack app residing at a unique URL under my subdomain. My primary goal is to provide an efficient and user-friendly way for each gym (client) to access their respective app sign-in pages.

I’ve been pondering various approaches to tackle this issue, but I’m unsure which one would be the cleanest and most practical solution. I’m reaching out to this community to seek advice and gather insights from those who might have encountered a similar challenge.

Here are a few options I’ve considered so far:

  1. Centralized Portal: Develop a centralized portal where clients can sign in using their credentials, and upon successful authentication, they are redirected to their respective app’s URL. This approach might involve some scripting or database integration to map each gym to its app’s URL.

  2. Customized Subdomains: Create subdomains for each gym, so their app URLs become something like,, and so on. However, managing 200 subdomains might become unwieldy.

  3. Client-Specific Links: Provide each client with a direct link to their app’s sign-in page. While straightforward, it could be cumbersome for clients to remember or store so many links.

  4. Knack API Integration: Explore if Knack’s API offers any solutions to programmatically manage access for each gym to their respective app.

I would appreciate any insights, suggestions, or recommendations from those who have experience with similar scenarios or who are familiar with the Knack platform. If you have any other creative ideas or best practices to share, please feel free to chime in. Your guidance will be immensely valuable in helping me streamline this process for my clients.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!