External users via SSO

Hi everyone.

Has anybody been able to implement a solution for getting external users to Sign Up in your Knack app, via Custom SSO?

a quite plaWe would like to have our external users access our Knack app, only with Custom SSO, without creating corresponding User Accounts within the app.

Also, we would still like to be able to map custom attributes of the external users with corresponding custom attributes in the User Role object.

Essentially, our app is required to treat the external users similar to internal users, solely with the help of the custom attributes.

Would appreciate any input on this!



Unless things have changed, external logins (via SSO) are validated against an internal account.  You have to have an internal account, you just do not have to use the internal credentials to log in.  Basically, you use your email address for your SSO account, and it is matched against the email field of a Knack user account.  You would then base roles off the internal account as you normally would.