Growing our team

Hey folks, we’re looking for more part time team members.

Optimi is a fully remote team centred on NZ but with people in various Pacific time zones. Our focus is on increasing social impact by helping value aligned organisation’s optimise their systems and processes. That often requires us to build Knack app’s. We’ve got a couple of Knack devs but need some more help! If you’re interested in a chat here’s our form.

Sounds interesting but London is slightly outside the Pacific area :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :uk:

Ha! Indeed. I’ve had to do a few calls in the 6-9 window recently which isn’t super enjoyable! Having said that, we’re part of a few social impact networks that have members in Europe (eg. so, it could be handy to have a contact closer to their ho(l)me(s)! :laughing:

Be happy to discuss if anything comes up. Like most builders I’m always busy but be good to see if I can help.

Thanks for the DM’s folks!

This post has served its purpose for now but if you’re popping by here in the future, still feel free to connect.

In the meantime, here’s a little show and tell. @Callum.Boase @Abhinandan1931 have been working in Optimi on this directory for our client Edmund Hillary Fellowship. There’s an internal directory and plenty of digital ops workflows in Knack, and then we’ve integrated with a Squarespace code block to create a searchable external directory for the public.

Not sure if this post goes back up to the top if I add a comment now but…
we’re on the hunt for more crew for our team. If you’re in or near a Pacific time zone (not India, Nth American East coast or Europe sorry). We’re a small team of low code devs (mostly Knack) who love collaborating and sharing knowledge, still have some freelance independence but when working for Optimi don’t have to worry as much about project peaks and troughs, and we work for some great social impact organisations. Contact me if you’re interested:

And… just to add one more thing here… if you’ve looked at the forums and thought that everyone here is mostly white and male, you’d be right! Please help us change that, even if you don’t think your skills are top of class, we’d gladly hear from you.

Hello! I’m not male xD I think I’m pretty good at Knack already. I’ve been working with it for over a year. I’m not in the right timezone, though, I’m in Uruguay (GMT-3). Let me know if it sounds like I could help at some point. Thanks!

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