Growing our team

Hey folks, we’re looking for more part time team members.

Optimi is a fully remote team centred on NZ but with people in various Pacific time zones. Our focus is on increasing social impact by helping value aligned organisation’s optimise their systems and processes. That often requires us to build Knack app’s. We’ve got a couple of Knack devs but need some more help! If you’re interested in a chat here’s our form.

Sounds interesting but London is slightly outside the Pacific area :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :uk:

Ha! Indeed. I’ve had to do a few calls in the 6-9 window recently which isn’t super enjoyable! Having said that, we’re part of a few social impact networks that have members in Europe (eg. so, it could be handy to have a contact closer to their ho(l)me(s)! :laughing:

Be happy to discuss if anything comes up. Like most builders I’m always busy but be good to see if I can help.

Thanks for the DM’s folks!