Knacksters WhatsApp Group

Currently there are three of us within a KNACKSTERS WhatsApp group for regular users of Knack to pick each others brains / share ideas (just as this forum does!).... but it should be quicker to respond and send files/images to each other - with the agreement that anything of any worth is then shared on here. 


If you are interested in joining the group then please message me your mobile number and I will add you.


For what its worth I'll say - The telegram group works well right now. Knack community is relatively small to start with it seems a shame we can't all utilise the same platform. There are so many different micro-sites with knack assets and groups of people that it deleverages us even more.

I have provided feedback to Knack leadership re "community engagement" - I feel this could be much better. Hopefully, they will do something soon and bring the community together a bit more. I might start a thread on this subject to see if we can get any ideas.

Thats a good shout Dean! We will give it a shot. 

Although this isn't a non-profit... if you sent an email to Slack explaining you are trying to provide a Slack environment for developers and corporate buyers for database products they might give you a free account as that is some pretty targeted marketing for them. 

I'd be keen on joining, if y'all found a better solution!

very interested in joining Slack alternative when set up tks

Guys / Gals, 

Whilst the Whats app group was relatively small in numbers, there were some really informative chats that went on. It was soon realised that Whats-app was not the ideal place to manage the chats, so we moved to Slack.

Since then it has become a very friendly place to be with some excellent help, advice, trouble shooting, brain storming etc. 

For us to expand any further within Slack we would have to go onto the subscription based plan, so to that end we are currently looking at alternatives (ideally for free) - Discord may be the winner here, but will report back asap and extend the invitations to the whatever platform we settle with.

Please add me too: +1.417.827.1078

+1 315 813 4452

Would love to be added



379240133772 just thought I'd let you know that I've now created a group on Telegram at! Feel free to join. :)

Please include me.


Please can you add me nanfa.k (at) +2348035832973


Roger can you email me at

Add me please


Add me as well plz 



Can someone please add me 07727470747

Jonathan, Loic - I have sent you an email. 

Davide, the reason we chose WhatsApp was for its commonality and availability (plus its now an awesome tool from your desktop). 

Hi Roger, thanks for the initiative. I can't direct message you, could you email me here: loic.sebe at

Roger - No way to private message you but please contact me here:

I think a telegram group would be more appropriate for this scope. If you're planning to make a telegram group, I will be happy to join