Australian Knack users first ever meet up in Melb Sat 16 Mar - Come and join us

First ever Knack meetup will be held in a (yet to be decided) coffee shop in Melbourne at 9:30 am Saturday 16th March.  The 3 attendees confirmed so far are from Tassy, Albury and Sydney, come and join us!



Hi everyone,

I'm based near Sydney and have developed a number of Knack apps over the last 4 years and I'm also familiar with API integrations, CSS and Javascript. I'm also a developer on the Knack Builder Network.

I find working with Knack very rewarding - I love the ability to solve real-world problems and increase efficiency for businesses and individuals and Knack is such a great platform for rapid development and experimentation.

I've now joined the slack chat, thanks Matt for adding me :), and I'm looking forward to contributing on there.


Callum Boase
Mobile (Australia): +61409 378 253


Hi Ray,

I've just sent you an invite to our Slack workspace.

In Melbourne developed couple Knack apps for people. Be nice to network to share ideas and push for changes based on our experiences etc
Email contact is

Hi Stephen, yes for sure it's thank you

Hi Glen,  can you send me an email with your email address to, and I will send you an invite to the Slack group,




Hi Glen, feel free to email me at, and I can get you set up in Slack.

Hi All


I am an Aussie and was referred to this group by Knack Support. Is there an online place that you all talk like mentioned in this thread Slack? I am Sydney based and would love to be able to connect with other people using Knack in our time zone.





Assistance with Javascript would be great. At the moment I google around and usually find a few lines that do what I want to do, but they need tweaking, so would be interested to know who can look at a line of Javascript, and fix or adjust it - so very small jobs.




Hi everyone,  in case you haven't heard, there is now a Slack group for Australian Knack users called, surprisingly, set up by Stephen Chapman.  I am not Slack expert, but if you are not familiar with Slack, it is a great, free, tool that we can use for bouncing questions of one another in daylight Aussie hours.  C'mon !

Hi All

Would anyone here be interested in rebuilding my Knack app for me? I know Knack quite well, just don't have time anymore, and it would be fair to say I also would do well to have a pro do it!

I am Sydney based. Happy to make a copy of the app and share a builder login so you can check it out. We can chat about what I need to achieve etc

It is a Business Management System. It starts with Web Lead and acts a CRM, and then goes to work order and follows all the way through to provisioning an install for the technician while onsite.

I have tried the Knack Builder Network, but just dont get anywhere with the process. 


if interested, please email me at, or you can find me on facebook easy enough (my avatar is my 2 little boys :))

Don't forget me from Sydney(ish), Matt!

I like the idea of a brain trust, and my recommendation is we use a platform like Slack, (a Knack Slack if you will) to establish communication. It's downloadable to desktop and mobile, and can be split into various channels, similar to the forum here.
Let me know your thoughts everyone.

Hi All

I hope you are doing well and your Knack apps are coming along well.

I am happy to help contribute to a “brains trust” where possible, but can’t guarantee a lot of daylight hours response due to other commitments.

What we really need is some strong CSS / JavaScript people in the group or as contacts to the group as a suggestion.

Nicole and I would also be more than happy to attend a future Melbourne meetup as it appears the numbers are growing



Hi folks, I'm in Brisbane but am keen to perhaps meet up and share some ideas.

I'm developing a workforce provision website.



Hi all - Leigh from Melbourne.  Also doing a few things with Knack - but do't expect too many tips and tricks from me as my programming skills are woeful!  I'll drop Matt my details so I'm on the list for any future meetup.

Hi Aussie Knack users, (so tempted to adopt the work Knackers, but that might need the overnight-test),

Now with 8 of us, I am wondering if we can form a daylight hours Knack brains trust.  I don't have emails for Nicole, Kathryn or Julia.  We appear to be: 1 in Sydney (me), 1 in Brisbane, 1 in Tas, 1 near Canberra (where?), 1 in Albury and 3 in Melb.

Seems we mostly are using Knack for the purposes of a single business - i.e. 1 knack app to support a bigger goal.  I myself am retired and am working on a number of Knack apps - 1 for a paying client, 1 free live app, and 1 or more others in the pipeline.




Hi Matt - I'm based just outside of chilly Canberra.  Will get that email off to you now.  



Welcome aboard Kathryn! Knack is definitely a lot more user-friendly than Caspio.

Hi Kathryn,


Good to hear from you.  I looked at Caspio when I first started looking for a tool - a year ago, but Knack won hands down.

Can you email me at and I will try to put the Aussies all in touch with one another, I think there are about 7 of us - all great friendly, helpful, and awake when it is daylight here.



South of the border (Sydney)

Hi everyone,

I'm based in Brisbane and have been using Caspio for a while, but am wanting to migrate over here to Knack - it is so much tidier!!

I am building an app that works with scientific data.

Nice to see this post - and yay for people in the same timezone!