EU and UK

Hi Knack users,

Any Knack users in EU and UK to share experience, idea's, etc. ?

Have a great App Building Day !

Kind regards,

Marco (from Amsterdam NL)



Happy to assist any Knacksters out there.....20+ years experience in Microsoft Access and Excel (Microsoft Certified Application Specialist in both) Been using Knack for over six months and am part of the builder network. Developed and implemented a number of solutions for various clients.

If you’re struggling through the learning curve and just starting out feel free to contact me and I will try and assist.


I’m in the UK (near Canterbury) and recently became a member of the Knack Builder Network. I provide consultancy on a couple of other databases as well.

I’ve wrote a review of Knack about a year ago and am planning on some other articles in time. 

Hi Marco, I am a Knack user and developer based in the UK and for the moment still in the EU !

I am also hoping we can spread the word about Knack in Europe as we have made excellent use of it for a few applications.

Regards, James

Hi Marco,

I am located in Prague, Czech republic and have Knack clients in US and EU as well. One large app is hosted in Knack EU infrastructure in order to meet legal requirements.


Martin Dufek /

Hi Marco,


Er zijn er niet veel... maar nu toch een mede NL Knack-bouwer gevonden... 





Hi Marco,  Not quite but I am down in Australia so can't get much more remote than that.

Just developed a pretty simplistic app for a solicitor who is chasing errant property defaulters.

Been an interesting experience. Knack by far outshines in terms of development time and ease of use compared to other commercially available. Happy to share any knowledge I have thus far with you if any specific questions.