Why did you choose Knack instead of Caspio?


We are a company based in Europe and want to build a customer portal where customer can create orders (invoices) and do other kind of things, like communicate via API those orders to our invoice system and sync for instance invoice paying status.

All those things are makeable in both platforms.

In general after a few tests we find Caspio features, so to say, more options or at least when using their Datapages building wizard if offers quite a few posibilities. We also know that Caspio has been longer on the market and so they have had more time to build a lot features.

On the other side it seems to us Knack is really easy to implement, the price is really much lower than Caspio, we guess it may have to do with Caspio Microsoft based infrastructure. And we like that we can really do a lot of things without having to use extra Javascript like in Caspio's case.

Our question are:

1. Are there here any European Knack users?

2. What about the Safe Harbor issue?

3. Has Knack any update plans for EU users and the data transfer issue to servers outside Europe after Safe Harbor been declared no valid any more?

Any former Caspio users here that could tell us why they moved to Knack (beside the price) or someone that was in a similar situation as ours and decided to use Knack?

To us Knack seems a more modern platform and easier to use and deploy but as we still have to have time to compare them both deeply we won't probably see the shortcomings until we put them in real test.

So if you guys could share with us your experience regard to this, we would really appreciate it.



Can you provide details on the EU based service and how to move to it? Please can you provide instructions on how to migrate, and what the costs are.

Also, Would you be looking to do a similar build in the London Region?

An update on the safe harbor and EU concerns: we recently completed some major infrastructure work that includes an independent AWS cluster located entirely within the EU. This means that your application - including all data, indexes, and backups - would never leave the EU (in this case Amazon's Frankfurt Germany region).

We'll be announcing more details shortly about this, including instructions for migrating your app to these servers.

I work for local government in the United Kingdom and use Knack as a standalone database application. We compared Knack and Caspio and for the reasons you identified i.e. cost, usability and simplicity, decided to go with Knack. We are obviously affected by safe harbor and data security is a key concern. We discussed this with Knack about a year ago and they were able to create a dedicated instance for us based in Europe. As Knack runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), it is incredibly scalable and includes a number of additional security features which we have been able to take advantage of. I don't have any experience of using the Knack API but if you have the skills to write a plugin for your existing systems then Knack will work great. Their support team is excellent but there is only a limited amount of free support they are able to provide so I would recommend discussing your project with them in detail to begin with to identify any potential issues at the outset. Although it's a minor point, Knack does not yet include good functionality for testing app which means that you'll always be working on the live version of the app rather than being able to work on a development version and then pushing changes to the production version.

We looked hard at caspio a few times but always found the datapages restrictions and subscriptions per user the initial barriers.

Then using Knack the development-to-use time has been pleasantly very short, the built-in user pages & records restrictions really easy to use without complex filtering, and the benefits of simple JavaScript & CSS editors all a pleasure to use.

I'm sure there's users out there than have more experience with Caspio that can answer your other questions.