Functionality improvements for linking records

We've recently seen some improvements to the interface for linking records such as the ability to select from either a dropdown list or radio buttons by selecting the "Format". The radio buttons were persuaded to be changed to check boxes per my previous request...

However, the problem arises when linking a significant amount of records (Say >30). Firstly, this is a repetitive exercise with the current functionality. Secondly, the window containing the selected records continues to resize horizontally until its off the page and thus, the submit button cannot be reached without a silly workaround and records within the dropdown cannot be read.

If I could suggest for filters to be added, to allow users to "Select ALL records containing X" etc - in a similar format to the filters used elsewhere... this would allow rapid selection of records and remove the need for repetition. Meanwhile, if the window was able to be dragged to be resized laterally to show the selections made prior to being submitted, this would improve the user experience, in lieu of the filters being added.