Improve the File field type by adding Link Text options

Just like the 'Link Text' options on the 'Link' field type ... it would be great to have the same options on the 'File' field type.

Essentially the 'File' field type is the same as a 'Link' field when displaying it in a page/view.

At the moment in our customer portal we have the 'File' field displaying as the whole url, which is a bit ugly. It would be much better to be able to specify the url text as 'Read Online' or 'Download' etc.

Maybe this would be a quick dev job as the features already exist on the other 'link' field type?

Also looking forward to a fix for this! Any updates on when it is planned?

Yes please!

Any chance we might see this soon?!

I agree - they look very ugly when the file names are long.

Would love to see this feature