Buttons for opening file links

When adding files, the file displays on the user pages as a link, based on the file name and file type. It would be much nicer if when creating pages in the builder we could have the option of showing a button to open the linked file, instead of file name link.

The button is much more attractive, and would be especially useful in grid views where longer file names can distort the grids presentation.

It’s frustrating that seemingly straight forward options like this need custom code to achieve.

Hi @AndrewSein56834 !

Thank you for your feedback on file links!

If you have any feedback or feature requests, please submit them via our feature requests/releases notes tool at product.knack.com. You can learn more about this tool in our article here.

Have a great weekend! :slight_smile:

Integrating a button option for linked files instead of displaying the file name directly sounds like a great idea! It would definitely enhance the visual appeal and usability of user pages, particularly in grid views where maintaining a clean presentation is important.

Having this feature built into the page builder would simplify the process for users and eliminate the need for custom coding to achieve the desired result. It could offer more flexibility in how users showcase their linked files and contribute to an overall better user experience.

Hopefully, the platform developers will consider implementing this enhancement in future updates to provide users with more customization options and streamline the page-building process. Thanks for sharing your suggestion!