Form submission trigger - populate fields with same info

I have a form that I use to create records. I have created a Yes/No field - “Create another record for this Object?” If the User selects Yes there are several fields that I would want to already be populated in the next form so they can simply add 1 or 2 items so that it is quicker.

How do you do that?

Hi @Mike4,

not sure if i understand your situation correctly. Could you connect the object to itself and then use I) “Trigger an action” or II) Record rules (triggered by setting the Yes/No field to yes) to add another record to this object?

The record rules may support you in populating some fields with information from the first record.

I will try to explain this better :smile:
I have a form with 5 fields.
3 of the fields will be the same every time the user fills out the form - as they are creating a “list” of items where the 3 fields are Connections that will be the same (most of the time).
1 of the fields will be unique each time.
1 is a Yes/No (Do you want to add more items?) - if the select Yes the form reloads automatically. If they select No it ends.
When the Form reloads automatically I would like the 3 Fields I mentioned above to already be filled out with the information they input the first time. That way they only have to update 1 field.
If they wanted to they could update any of the 5 fields at anytime before submitting.

Hi @Mike4 ,

you might add a Trigger button “Clone this record” populating some fields either with field values from the initial record or custom values of your choice.

When the action is complete, the user is redirected to the child page “Adapt or adopt”. There is an update form for the connected record which will show the populated fields.

You may add more fields to your object which will not be populated by the action of the trigger button.

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