Font Awesome Update to 6.4.0

It would be awesome if we could get the later version of Font Awesome icons in Knack.
Font Awesome is now up to version 6.4.0 and Knack is still using 4.3.

An update would mean:

  • More icons to work with
  • Updated icons (compare the current fa-key to the new version)

The workaround is currently importing the later version via JavaScript, but it would be amazing to not have to worry about this.

It doesn’t even have to be the full range of different styles, just the basic ones to keep up to date. Thanks!


Thank you for sharing this request @StephenChapman!

We’re always striving to improve our product, so I have shared this request with out Product team.

Happy Knacking! :slight_smile:

+1 for wanting Font Awesome availability!

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+1 on this one