Exporting Field Names to a Spread Sheet

I have several large Objects with a lot of fields (some with 160+) that have built up over many years. I am wanting to re sort and selectively rename the fields in each Object, because the screen only shows a few fields at a time without scrolling I am trying to export the field names to a Spread Sheet which will make this process a lot quicker and easier. Has anyone any ideas how I can do this.

Thanks for any help.


I’m not sure I understand why you want to export to a spreadsheet to rename the object fields?

Can you explain further. :thinking:

Is there data in the table that you could link to rather than show everything in a wide table that has to scroll.
As an example, you may have a persons name, address, email, phone, occupation, line manger etc. which occupy a column each.
You could create a linked view to a modal popup to look at their info by clicking on their name.

I find this method useful for non essential secondary information.

Adding break return tags in the column heading name can also help reduce unnecessarily wide columns.

For example, you may have a column heading “Project Workflow Status”. This heading would force the column to be as wide as the label, irrespective of what values are in the column.

If you add break return tags:


it would change to:


Thanks for your reply Carl, I read and re-read my post and it made sense when I posted it but now reading it through someone else’s eyes, maybe not so much :frowning:

As an example I have an Object called JobDetails, in it I have 160 fields that viewing in builder to see all fields I have to scroll down some 8 screen full’s, the naming and location of these fields in the builder list is somewhat of a jumble and I want to reorder them and in some instances rename them. To help with this I want to export all the field names to a spread sheet so I can rename and reorder them in the spread sheet, once done then I can go back to the Builder view to rename and reorder the fields in builder in line with how I have ordered them in the Spread Sheet. Hope this makes more sense.

Hello John,

It’s simple just export records and deletes all records except headers.

And transpose the Top header into columns. So you can do this without any custom JS.

Enable records exporting first.

Sunny Singla

Oh Sunny you have brightened up my day :slight_smile: Something so simple, I have pondered this for weeks on and off and didn’t even think of doing it this way. Thanks so much.

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Hey @JohnG ,

Not sure this covers your exact requirement, but you might want to take a look at https://find.knack.com/definitions, it should help you manage large scale knack applications.