Export specific Columns from the table export option

Would it be possible to add the option to export specific columns from a table instead of exporting the hole table?

This would be a big plus for working between different departments so that each person could export only the data they need, and not everything and then having to modify the exported sheet once again.


I'm another one who would like to see this feature implemented. This would be especially useful when you have a large data table (i.e. 30+ columns) but are only putting 10 or so columns in the view. Allowing the user to export whatever columns they wish would be preferable rather than just exporting the limited view they may have of the data in the front end of the app.

We would really like this option as well. There is some duplication of information on the export spreadsheet that requires cleaning up before using spreadsheet. It would also allow individual users pick and choose the columns they need and eliminate the ones that don't need (just as mentioned above.).