Equipment Checkout System as a shopping cart



I hope everyone’s doing well before I start; this is my first time using Knack and I’ve only coded with traditional languages, so please go easy on me, haha. And please help me, I really want to get this done :sob:

Background Info:

I’m a CS major working for a local community college, helping them improve their equipment rental system. The previous developer built the website so that the user could rent out(check out) ONE piece of equipment at a time.

The way it is written, every item that a user creates is an individual reservation. So, the user has to look up the item and enter the pickup/return date and time for each item reserved, as shown below.

This is OK for 4 or 5 things. But it becomes a time-consuming pain when the user needs to check out 10 mic kits, 10 recorders, 10 boom poles, and 10 cables - going through the reservation process 40 times.

They want the user to enter the items they want and the number of items, then enter the pickup date/time once for the entire batch of stuff, like a shopping cart. Like this site:

Screenshots of the “code”

My Analysis of the Problem
Okay, so what I THINK I need to do is set up a Quantity Number Field in the Reservation system so that users can enter the quantity of the equipment that they are checking out. And I was trying to connect this field to the “Current Inventory” field in Product Object, but I do not know how to do that in Knack.

Also, how could I add fields in the page so that users can select multiple items at once?

I KNOW this post was very long, and please excuse my wordy sentences. I AM OPEN TO SET UP A ZOOM CALL AND MEET WITH ONE OF YALL IF YOU COULD HELP ME BETTER THAT WAY. JUST LET ME KNOW!!


Hello Jiwoong,

We can do this with the help of a little javascript. We can display the max number (available Inventory) So the user can enter(select we can show dropdown as well) less than or equal to that value (if pickup and drop date is the same ).

Sunny Singla

Hi, Thank you so much for your input!

However, I am unsure how to do that when the website is built with Knack’s own page. If this make sense? How and where would I write the javascript? (Also, I’ve only coded with Java and Python sorry😭)

If you don’t mind, would it be okay to set up a zoom call and show me the way?

Thank you!

Sure can you add me on WhatsApp. Then we can discuss on zoom or send me zoom link on my email

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I sent the email. Thank you.