Checkin System - using too many Knack records!

We have created a checkin system for our food pantry.

Simply, our tables are:

To checkin a guest, we have an action button that when pressed will add a new record connected to that client - it’s automatically set to the current date and time.

Unfortunately - although this worked, it has eaten up all my records for my Knack Plan, as each checkin is a separate record! (We’re up to about 20,000!)

Any better ideas on how I can track the checkins for each client and not use as many records?

I want to be able to report the dates for each client AND the clients that checked in on each date!

Thanks for any tips!

Perhaps you could export your data to a CSV file at the end of each month. and restart your entries. You would save data

That sorta defeats the purpose of the simplicity of using Knack… if I have to keep fidgeting between spreadsheets for long term records, might as well use excel for all of it. Surely there’s a simpler way that I’m we arent thinking of :slight_smile:

Can you just use one table? Add a check-in date field to the PANTRY CLIENTS table? Just update that field? OTOH if each client has lots of check-ins, I don’t see how you get around having lots of records.