Making Reservations - Date Checking?

I am setting up a reservation system to reserve equipment, and the reservations are made for a date range specified by the user.

How do I check to make sure that there isn't already a reservation for that equipment that overlaps with the dates of the requested reservation?

Note: I'm new to this, so don't hesitate to bombard me with details.  I have Object types setup for Equipment and for Reservation, and I have them connected.  I also have the Reservation connected to a User Role to keep track of who the Reservation is for.


Hi Adam,

I have a module I've previously made for a client that accomplishes just this. When it finds a conflict, it displays an error message and prevents the form from being submitted (screenshot: It is currently implemented for room bookings in an event management platform, but it can be used with any records that have dates.

If you're interested, feel free to email me at to discuss.