Preventing Users from Editing/Deleting Another Users Reservation

I’m trying to create a reservation system that allows for a user to create an account and then make a reservation using the calendar page. Is there a way to design the system so that one user cannot edit/delete the reservation of another user? If I need to go into further detail please don’t hesitate to ask.

Yes! Using roles, you can manage the display of calendar data only to the connected client.

Ok thanks, also do you know if there’s a way to set it up so two users can’t make a reservation at the same time?

Hi Simeon,

Indeed NancyM is correct! User roles are a fantastic way to restrict certain users. In this case, you can create two views, one without editing rights for regular users and another calendar with editing rights restricted to just a few or a single user. If you activate user roles, a “Rules” tab will appear on the page with customization options.

Regarding your second query, I highly recommend reading this article!

Knack is super customizable so there are many ways to tailor your app to your needs!

It’s not a problem. 2 persons can used the application in the same time.