Preventing Users from Editing/Deleting Another Users Reservation

I’m trying to create a reservation system that allows for a user to create an account and then make a reservation using the calendar page. Is there a way to design the system so that one user cannot edit/delete the reservation of another user? If I need to go into further detail please don’t hesitate to ask.

Yes! Using roles, you can manage the display of calendar data only to the connected client.

Ok thanks, also do you know if there’s a way to set it up so two users can’t make a reservation at the same time?

Hi Simeon,

Indeed NancyM is correct! User roles are a fantastic way to restrict certain users. In this case, you can create two views, one without editing rights for regular users and another calendar with editing rights restricted to just a few or a single user. If you activate user roles, a “Rules” tab will appear on the page with customization options.

Regarding your second query, I highly recommend reading this article!

Knack is super customizable so there are many ways to tailor your app to your needs!

It’s not a problem. 2 persons can used the application in the same time.


That article was great! How can you do this with dates? I am trying to build a reservation system for rooms within our school and I do not want anyone to register for the same room on the same day. Thanks!


We just implement that scenario for our company.
We have 3 rooms available and we need our tutors to book a room according their needs.
We accomplished that using javascript.

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@Andreas That is literally what we are doing. We are a virtual school, but are housed in another school. Our teachers come on campus for hosting live lessons, tutoring, or social gatherings for our students. We only have 4 four rooms we can use.

You wouldn’t happen to mind sharing that javascript would you? Thank you ahead of time!


Yes we can share the js but you need to tell me the structure of your app.
Because we are quering the table when user selects the date to book.
And then we prevent or allow if he choose room and time period that is already booked.
Its customized on our table and form.
If you don’t mind can you send a pic of adding an event or lesson ??

Thank you thank you!!!

Ok So the app has an event editors and a reservations table. The reservations table has name, email, location (multiple choice), intended purpose (text) date, approval status (this sends the data through Zapier to our staff Outlook calendar), date created and a connection to the event editors table. This app is a modified version of the “Event Calendar” template.

So as i understood you need them to choose one date and from - to is the duration of the lesson and the booking duration also.
you have to control so if someone selects the same room, same date and time period to have a message that they cant proceed with the booking.

I understood correct?

I believe for now we are just doing full day reservations. My one team mate created a script to block dates as well as hide the from portion of the date. Thanks!

So you resolved the problem?

We have blocked off dates, but now we need to stop potential double bookings.

Hi Andreas,

Were you able to create the JS to prevent double bookings. It doesn’t have to be specific to my situation. One of my teammates should be able to modify for us. Thank you very much!