ENABLE - Copy a form to the same destination/page as source form

I'm requesting the ability to copy a form to the same page as the source form. This is not possible today. Sometimes we want to duplicate an existing form, to the same page as the source form, so we may modify it from there (use it as a template instead of configuring a fresh form, display rules, record rules, and all).

Use case:
We need to filter available values in drop downs displayed on forms depending on a variety of factors. While filter rules exist, sometimes they are not robust enough to meet our app specs. When this occurs, I duplicate the form on a page and configure page rules to determine which form should display (by hiding forms that should not display based on our page rules). With this step we're able to expose only the values we want available in drop down boxes (every time) by configuring unique filters on drop-downs displayed on each of the similar forms..

I agree, it would be very useful. I would also add to the request that you can duplicate entire pages or copy them to other modules

Is this available yet? Would be quite handy and save a lot of time.

This is available as of about a few weeks ago! Please see our release notes about this feature here: Improvement: Copy and move views

Let us know here or on that post if you have any feedback about the new copy/move functionality.