Copying View across the page/scene

It would be nice if we could copy view across the page/scene similar as we can copy page.

This would be handy for managing duplicate items we have in pages.

You can now copy a view by dragging into an eligible page or clicking on the settings icon in the top right when editing the view!

Hey guys, would this help?

There is a copy page function, but it seems to only work for copying the login page. I don't know if it can be applied selectively to individual pages.

When we have the same view created in several places, it's only a matter or time before they get out of sync in layout or functionality. In order to conform to best practice, we should be able to reuse programming in different contexts.

Even to have global views set so we could choose from a pre-defined set of templates for any given app

Copying views would make it so much easier to deal with different user rolls.


+1 fields as well OR ability to have Shared Fields, where you defined a field in one place, then reference it in several objects.



Agreed, and more. It would be nice to copy or link to a single view across pages

My use case is a CRM/ERP. One of our key records is the Job, which has a couple of dozen different parameters (fields) associated with it. I have one standard format for viewing the job record, but since it is connected to several other objects (Customer, Opportunity, Contact, etc.), I have to recreate exactly the same view in each of those pages, sometimes several times. Then, if I add a field or something, I have to update several different pages to make them match. It would be great if that were simplified.