Duplicate or move view to another page

Currently there is no way to duplicate or move a view to another page. That means you have to start from scratch.

Can you only move/copy between top level pages? Is there a way to get an existing view onto a nested page?

Thank Brandon, gets better every day ;-)

This is needed.


I agree. 

This would save a lot of time.

Would have saved me a ton of time.

It's ridiculous that you have to rebuild the entire page if you just want to move it. Or perhaps add a menu.

I would find this useful as well.

Something that would be of greater utility, in my opinion, would be if I could export and import interfaces.  If I were someone just learning how to use knack, and experimenting with the templates, they could copy and combine parts into their app.  If you are making similar interfaces in an app, it could save time.  Finally, sometime I make changes and screw things up.  I usually make a copy of my app as a backup, but being able to save a copy of the interface would also be useful.

This is especially important and saves a LOT of time when modifying an app interface.