Copying search view within the same page

Hey! Can anyone tell me why I would be unable to copy a search view within the same page?

I will click copy and it will intially show the search view without data. I will then click save and it will show an error like “View view_132 not found.”. The view I copied will then disappear from the menu leaving only the original.

I’m trying to copy the same view six times.

Hi there,

Apologies for this experience. By what you’ve shared, this sounds like a possible schema issue with your particular app. If you haven’t already, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team to get this issue resolved and allow you to continue building your pages. You can reach out to our support team via this form here.

Thank you and have a great rest of your week! :slight_smile:

Hi @marketing1 @Les

We have this all the time it is very frustrating. We copy/move a view and it doesn’t stick, sometimes we give up and recreate the view. It is an intermittent fault so we don’t report it, as we can never recreate the issue on demand so it’s hard for the Knack Support to help.


Thanks Les! I have opened a support ticket so hopefully this can get resolved ASAP.

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Thanks Craig. I’m able to recreate this very easily as it happens almost every time.

Hopefully, Knack will sort it for you.

We can go weeks without it happening then it happens nearly every time one day. It happens on a variety of view types, and it always appears to have moved but when you try and edit the view it, produces an error. I spent half an hour once, setting up the view with display rules and record rules only for it to disappear. When refreshing the builder, it’s like it never happened.

My experience with Knack is that if they can’t recreate the issue there is nothing they can do.


Thank you for the info @CSWinnall! I will pass this info along as we definitely don’t want that experience to continue. With @marketing1’s latest report, I’ll ensure the team is aware this is happening for others and is not always getting reported due to past support interactions.

Hope you both have a wonderful weekend! :blush:

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Thank you @Les I appreciate that.

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My experience is consistent with @CSWinnall - doesn’t happen every time, but it’s a regular occurrence.
And there’s no immediate indication that the copy has failed, allowing you to continue working on the new copy. However, the new view hasn’t been created in the schema and disappears after a refresh or navigating away.

That is what happens with us too exactly. It’s annoying because it happens fairly regularly but not so regular that you remember to check that the view has actually moved/copied.