Allow pages to be duplicated

I had a page with quite a few views (incl. menu links) of which I needed an almost identical copy, only with some slight modifications (to prevent the data from being edited).

As it's currently not possible to create a duplicate of an existing page and then do the necessary modifications, this meant recreating the page and all the views from scratch.

First, Brian, thank you, I've never clicked that gear before, not sure if it's been there the whole time and I've just never noticed before, or if it's new? Either way...

It worked for me, sort of. Here's what I'm trying to do:

I have a whole series of pages built to allow you to build / edit / apply payments to invoices. You reach these pages by first viewing each customer account, then you can see the invoices for that account. It works out to about 10-12 pages, with multiple views/forms on each, plus display/submit rules, so copying by hand is tedious.

What I'd like is to be able to copy the view that has the invoices table, and all the pages below it, onto a page where you can view all invoices, regardless of what customer they are connected to. I am able to copy the page, and the child pages/views all copy as well, but the top page that was copies has this problem: It's initially the view displaying invoices connected to the parent customer, and when I copy the page, it says it will display all invoices connected to the PARENT record, which doesn't make sense, I want it to display all invoices, there are no parent records involved.

I hope this makes sense, I'm not sure if there's a workaround for it. It's a different enough problem from the above mentioned, so I'll start a new topic for it, but wanted to at least mention it here in case other people stumble upon this.

@Brandon, I'm having the same experience as everybody else here -- I have user logins enabled, and when I click on the top level 'login' page, I get the option to copy the page, but that option doesn't exist on any of the child pages. You indicated above that it sounds like it might be a bug -- can you clarify if copying a child page is possible?


Doug, sounds more like a bug. Could you submit a ticket (either here or to with the URL to your app? We'll take a closer look.

Brandon, I've got a login set up for my app (one account / app). If I choose the "Login" function I see the "Copy" link, but the main pages that are below that don't show it.

Do I need to delete the app login to be able to copy one of the actual top-level pages? And if so... that could be more elegant :-)

Thanks Brandon for the hint, I think I missed that option. It does solve copying top pages.

Hi Kristof-

Have you tried copying a page?

It only works with top-level start pages but should help in these cases.