Copy parent record and all child records

As a developer, I want to copy a parent record and connected child records so that I can use a previous period invoice as the starting point to edit an invoice for the current period. There are many applications for this capability. Huge productivity and quality benefits for recurring activities. Anyone with recurring invoices would use. Currently have to use Make to accomplish. Seems like a natural RDMS feature.

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We needed a feature like this for our app. The only way I could make it work was good old javascript and the API. But it required calling the API to get the child records first. Then it was a matter of duplicating the parent and then duplicating each child (making sure to point them at the new parent).

Used an expert to do with javascript first. Just not flexible enough as I was evolving my application.
Found the great people at Fine Mountain Consulting. They helped me understand how to do with Integromat, now changed name to Make. This I can understand and modify as the application changes.
Really think this could be within Knack, though.
Recommend very highly Gui and his team at Fine Mountain Consulting. Really top quality and helpful.