Change a Form from Add to Update

I have a Page with an Add Record FORM view that works properly but, with lots of carefully designed display rules, it’s a bit complicated.
Now I also need an Update Record FORM for the same object on a related page.
I can easily copy the Add Record FORM from one page to the other, however, I also need to need to convert the Add Record FORM into an Update Record FORM. Does anyone know how to do that?
The only alternative is to manually re-enter the entire FORM which is subject to human error and rather tedious.

I’m happy to be called out as being wrong but your ‘add new record’ form can’t natively be converted to an ‘edit record’ form.
I’ve had similar complex forms with multiple display and record rules and would love to have been able to copy.
Happy to be corrected if there is a way to do this that I’ve missed. :laughing:

I would love to see the ability to use forms for Add and Edit - or at least copy as suggested. Of course, sometimes they need different rules but maybe that could even be accommodated with a setting to control whether a rule is used in Edit and/or New.

Wishful thinking but would save a lot of time, loads of nearly identical forms and inevitable errors.

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