Email all child records from a parent connected to an object

This has really bogged down our workflow abilities.

Use Case:

We have a Schedules Object connected to Subcontractor Object where many Schedule records connect to 1 Subcontractor.

The Subcontractor Object is Connected to Sub Employees User Object where 1 Subcontractor connects to many Sub Employees.

When the Manager schedules a job, he/she assigns it to the Subcontractor (not the employees directly). If we could populate the schedules object or the subcontractors object with the email address for all of the children associated with the subcontractor, we could then use that data as the TO: field in a custom email at the time of a form submission.

Ex: Sub A employees 3 people - A.Smith, B.Jones, C.Anders (,,

Schedule records contains, mgr requested date[date],Subcontractor[connection],Emps Email[connection to child records for subcontractor of chosen subcontractor] resulting in the record looking like this:

"8/28/16","Sub A",",,"

When the mgr hits submit an email is sent to:

[Emps Email] ",," and all three would be notified. This is all predicated upon being able to grab data from child records and populate them into the parent record.

I currently see no way to do this.