E-Signature Compliance

I’m looking for a simple way to collect compliant E-signatures from Knack. Currently, we use Knack to collect release forms from volunteers, as well as serving clients at a food pantry, construction, and more. To have legit - and compliant e-signatures would be super helpful! Any ideas?

Hi @Lakerogers

I have used Make (formerly Integromat) to integrate Cognito Forms or Pandadoc with Knack for clients in the past.

Cognito is the simplest to set up and their help explains how to make sure the e-signatures are legally binding. You could also use Make to store the resulting pdf back into your database.

Hope this helps?


I have also used Zapier to integrate Knack with Docusign. One Zap to watch creation of new records in an Agreements object and kick off a Create Signature Request in Docusign using an existing template, and another Zap to watch for Envelope Sent or Completed in Docusign which then uploads the final PDF back to the original Agreement record. Works very well.