Webmerge (Formstack) alternatives for document production?


We currently have an app that uses webmerge to produce several documents in pdf (certificates, reports, etc) with some rules to automatically change the text and some checkboxes on the document itself, although it's working as expected, webmerge is way too expensive if you have to produce many documents, so I was wondering if you guys have any similar solution for this without requiring the use of yet another cloud subscription service.

I wish knack would address this directly within the builder, I think this is the one thing really missing here for us with knack.

We use Webmerge and Docupilot with Knack. Its much cheaper and a little better actually much cleaner modern interface. 

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Here’s some javascript to fill a pdf form on the fly, similar to what webmerge does. It took me a little work to customize it but I have it working and use it for all my pdfs.

The problem is it doesn’t flatten the pdf after filling the forms, so as a workaround, I just create the forms as read-only. Wish I could find something to actually flatten them, though.

I used Integromat with their Word Template Module and then use CloudConvert to generate the pdf from that. I store the template documents in a knack table.
I’ve also used Integromat with Carbone.io to generate documents. Depending on how many you need to create these may be helpful…

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I have used Integromat with Eledo to generate PDF docs. It is really cost effective.

I also have a client’s system set up with Eledo and Integromat - also used the word approach with Integromat at well.

I also sometimes use HTML and then CloudConvert in Integromat for this - you can see an article about this here - subject to the proviso that the Integromat PDF app no longer exists - you need to use Coudconvert instead (I need to update the post):

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