Signature-Type- feature

Currently the signature field in the form only allows the person to draw.
I would really appreciate if you can add the “type” feature in there so that people can type and sign.

i want my clients to have the convenience of typing and signing the requested documents.

Not sure if I am understanding correctly but it seems all you need is a Short Text input field? Then they can type directly into that field as their printed signature.

Please see the attachment. It is an example of a feature in docusign. Pandadoc also provides the same feature. It allows you to just type in your full name or initial and use that as signatures. Usually the full name and/or initials are already pre filled for the signer. Signer is only required to click to sign using their full name. You can see in the attachment that docusign also gives you an option to draw. Right now knack only provides “draw” option.

I hope you understand my question. Please let me know if you have any questions.