Document control for manuals

Hello friends,

Our company has a number of manuals that we need to make available to our employees, and we need to have some sort of way of telling if they've read them.

So far what i've done is to create a table with the manuals, the content is inside a richtext field, and when the user wants to view it, he clicks the "edit" button, which takes him to an edit screen, where i've removed the option to actually edit the content. When the user clicks submit, ive made a rule that updates the time in a userfield to the present time. My idea was to make a rule that made the document change colour if the user's read time was before the time of last update of the document.


Ideally, id 'd like to just add the employees username to a field in the document of users who have read the document. When the document was updated, the field whould be wiped.

That way it should be possible to keep track of who has read our manuals.

Any ideas?