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I am getting myself a little confused. I want to be able to upload a document to the policy library on my database and I want all staff to acknowledge that they have read the document. Now I can do this by doing a trigger action which will log the date and time and the user in a table. However, what I want to be able to do is see a list of who has not read the document. 


This is something I cannot work out, would anyone be able to assist or advise? 


Hi Justin, i dont know what a crew box is. The aim is for the user not to have to add people individually. From the vague understanding I have of your use case, i would create an object that contains policy document versions. Then you can add other fields to that object. One of the fields will be a "many to many" connection of your users. Then in Pages you have an "Agree to change" trigger link or tick box. When they click the trigger link or tick the box to yes a new person is added to the list of connections, to do that you go to Form Rules -> Record Rules you add the person as a connection. You can then see there will be multiple people in that field.

There may of course be other ways to do it as well. It can definitely be done!




Hi Ramsey,


Thanks for your speedy reply - sorry I might be being dence but when I add the document how do I make sure it adds all of the users? It currently inserts the title and document upload and leaves the crew box blank. Does the user have to add every person individually? Is there a way of setting it as a group instead if this is the only option?



Make sure the policy document is connected to users.

When someone has viewed the document they have to agree to have read the policy change.

The trigger action can connect the user to a field "People who agreed to policy doc". This field can store many users in it.

Then you can create a new table and make sure it is filtered by all the people that are NOT in that field. 


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