Add Logged in user to an account connection field using submit rules

Hi All

I have a table (grid) of policies and procedures and users are able to login and review these. Once reviewed I am wanting to capture the date and time that the user (account) has read the document and add this to a list in an accounts fields in the grid. I have tried using submit rules to add the logged in user but this would overwrite the existing data held in the field.

To get around this I am currently using a second (table) grid to capture this information but I would like to be able to show a full list of policies and procedures on a users page that shows what is outstanding (requiring review).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to avoid using a Make integration if possible?


@SteveRobin63604, as suggested on the call, you’re best off having your middle table of ‘Policy Acknowledgements’, then displaying a list of All Policies, and use some fancy code to fetch the logged-in user’s connected Policy Acknowledgements, and update each row visually to indicate which ones they’ve acknowledged.

Thanks Stephen

Is this something that you may have the capacity to help me out with?


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