Make logged-in user record accessable

User roles, currently useful only for page access, would be much more useful if we could access fields in the currently logged-in user, e.g. filtering connected records in add/edit, in submit rules.

It would be really nice if, for example, we could add Submit Rules based on the logged in user... so, we could make a rule such as:

Redirect to an existing page

When {Logged In User} {Contains User Role} {Administrator}

Versus some other Submit Rule for another type of user.

This way, depending on your function in the database, you could be redirected to an overall view of the records, or only records for your group, or a new form, or whatever.

Without understanding how to implement this via the API, or through complex Record Rules assignments, I'm at a loss for how to do this.

Thank you. That function wasn't documented so far.

I'd also like to access the logged-in user object via JavaScript in the event handlers. I think the current user object is already always transferred to the client because I saw it in the console. But it's not accessible...