Forms - Using static Title input for user guidance (UX)

Hi to the Community,

This is my first post to the community so please forgive any mistakes :)

I'm developing a management app for claims and it will have a lot of rotating new users.  Currently I like using the Form - Add Input - Static - Title,field to explain the submission buttons and function / use of the form. It works great and I like the customization options using this Title field.

But, I want to be able to decide when the user no longer need / require to see this information. A good example is that in my user roles I have a field to select if the user is new; intermediate or regular user of the app. If he is new, this Title information needs to show on the forms it is added to. 

If the user is any other status, this information must be hidden.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.![](upload://uvndseHhBxrjMhDjL0vg35IyvXm.png)


My approach would be Display Rules in your form. 

the following screenshot of a test followed by a result. In your case, if a logged-in user IS NOT "one of these" then HIDE your Rich Text view. ![](upload://446839tzr4T0byWJO8OwyHBDAZ.png)

One option use three data field in your record each with the different "information" and depending on the users selection display that field.  Or  use three title fields and display them depending on the choice via javascript. 

It is very annoying that you can add these title fields but not be able to apply display rules to them within a view. Seems like it should be an easy one, to allow us to name that field and do this..