Template Table with "Must have Fields"

I thought some of you may find this of interest. I often use these “must have" fields along with a Template table to help streamline my building process :rocket:


A great timesaver

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This is probably nothing but it does seem a little strange…

Hi @PeterJurgen - Thank you for commenting.

As the “Added” field is set to current date/time its displaying the system time as soon as the page renders. Therefore its displaying the time for the next record not the previous. However, I would never build a form like this as it would write the time the form rendered, not when it was submitted. So, if it took the user 5 mins to complete and submit the form it would be written as 22:00 even though it would be 22:05.
If you remove the “Added” field from the form it writes the time based on when the form is submitted. I only left the field on the form for illustration purposes. :blush:
Later in the video, I have the form setup correctly where I’ve removed all fields except “Company”.
When the form is submitted the “Added” date/time field is written correctly based on the time the form is submitted, not the system time when the form loaded.
You could also leave the “Added” field with blank date and blank time and set on a record rule when the form is submitted, adding this to the same rule that adds the logged in user.

As long as you don’t have the “Added” field on the form it will write the time the record is created, not when the page loaded.

I do commend you on your eagle eyed observation! :+1: :eyes:

Thanks for the clarification, Carl. That’s helpful.

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Thanks @CarlHolmes for an excellent tutorial and a reminder on some best practices when setting up tables!

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