Default error in app when trying to upload image

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When I try to upload an image on front end I get this error.

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Hi @Jeffrey - looks like you maybe posted this without updating the description. If you don’t mind, share a screenshot of the error you’re receiving when trying to upload the image, where you are uploading, and more details about the image (size, filetype), we’ll see if the error can be identified and try to help you out!

More on image fields here: Field Types - Knack Knowledge Base

I did.

  • “unable to upload please try again.”

When I try to upload an image on front end I get this error.

I get this error when I’m using a custom url with hosting of the html page at

When I use the app using the knack url it isn’t a problem.

I’m using the embed code on a static html page. That’s where the error comes in.


Hey @Jeffrey - as this moved into active troubleshooting can you raise a dedicated support ticket for this upload issue and include the URL specifically to the Edit Swimmer page please?

I’m experiencing this same issue on several pages in my app in which I’m uploading pdf files. Is their an identified fix? I am able to upload a file after refreshing the page but this is not ideal as users will be uploading files regularly.

Don’t hold your breath. Knack doesn’t care about stuff that doesn’t happen directly in your app.

If it’s the embed code the message is clear: good luck figuring it out on your own.

Even if it is a blank freaking html page with only their code on it.

@Jeff Although I do have quite a bit of embedded custom code in my app, this is happening forms that don’t have any custom code.