400 Bad Request Upload File



I'm trying to send a .png file from a root directory of my application to an object on the knack, I'm doing it using the C # language directly, I'm not using a call via AJAX because my application is not WEB_GL, I would have to restructure all the code to implement this simple call.

Anyway I'm just trying to send the form with the content of the image contained in it in bytes by requesting the KNACK url, but it always returns the BAD request, I would like to know what I'm doing wrong, I didn't find anything on the forum and in the community. I believe it is passing the path incorrectly, I did not understand for sure what the knack expects from this line -F "files=@/path/to/your/file.txt", I send only the directory of the file and do not send the form in bytes?


Segue a imagem da minha request e meu code


se alguem tiver uma luz