Uploading images via ajax call

I put a ticket on this, but maybe somebody tried it before.

I need to upload image file into Knack assets by using Javascript.

What I have is just the text variable with url pointing to the file on external server.

I understand that I have to write a code to download file first into the browser memory, than wait till it loads, and than prepare ajax call to Knack.

Or maybe it is better way?

I am not using PHP, Phyton or anything else besides Javascript & jQuery, so I would appreciate code sample in this language - I would like to understand what I do ;-)

Thanks in advance


Still need an answer. Do you have any experience with image uploading to Knack assets?

I understood already that it is not straightforward when trying to use Javascript only.

My problem once again:

1) I have text data with the link to image on external site.

2) I would like to put this image into Knack assets.

Any help appreciated,