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We need to be able to produce reports that layout the information we have in Knack in more of a dashboard layout - not just a Grid or Details View. If there is a way to have 2 or more Grid views on one page that could show the info for the same record without having to search or filter for each View section, that could possibly work. Alternatively, what is the best way to export data fields from Knack into a document where we can truly customize the layout? Something like a merge field that would use the Knack record? Thank you!

Hi @Jennifer,

Probably need an example, but there are ways of creating a filter menu at the top of a page that filters all views on the page. I’ve heard Knack Toolkit Library caters for this, but I’ve never used it myself.

If you want to export the data out of Knack and into Excel or Power BI for laying out how you’d like, I have a connector solution that you can explore here: Knack Connector for Power Query (Excel/Power BI).


Hi @Jennifer and @StephenChapman,

Thank you Stephen for mentionning the KTL as a potential solution :slight_smile:

Indeed, it can do that easily using the _lf keyword (Linked Filters).
This will define the “controlling” filter from a given view that you choose and that will be applied to all others specified.


See these links:

Documentation : Keywords · cortexrd/Knack-Toolkit-Library Wiki · GitHub

Live demo:
Under Grid Driving menu, try Total amount is higher than 1000 in the top-left grid (Stores 1), and you’ll see all other views update to match the filtering pattern.

Video tutorial:

Feel free to explore all other demo pages: Knack

Have fun!

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Just jumping in on this because I had exactly the same issue @Jennifer and worked out how to set up the knack API for PowerBI which now works really well although I’m feeling slightly anxious about the security on it. I wish I’d spotted Stephen & Norm’s solutions before I went down that complicated route but if you decide to do the same I would recommend this excellent guide How To Connect to Knack Databases from Excel & Power BI | by Miguel Gutierrez Rodriguez | Medium . Although I can see tons of applications for Norm’s solution (I’m off to explore it now) for reporting, especially if you want visuals, I would really recommend getting it into PowerBI.

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