Credit System for Teacher/Student Lessons

Good morning Knackers!

I am in the process of building an app for an equestrian center to track student progress. I’ve gotten most of the functionality I want to be created in Knack except for one. Currently, students buy credits which are then deducted for every lesson they take with a teacher. Typically a student would buy 4 credits a month and then take 1 weekly lesson. Each lesson would then subtract a credit.

What approach would I take to be able to give credits to a student and then for every completed lesson it would deduct from their credit balance?

Thank you!

Hey @Chris44896 - I presume the credits a student purchases are related to them but not to a lesson. Without seeing how you’ve built the application, I’d suggest you need a mechanism to check that they have available credits before booking a lesson and once the lesson is booked I’d use a mailhook connection to Integromat to lookup an unallocated credit and mark it as used.

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