High School Course Guides

I'm creating a course guide database in Knack Builder Pro for several high schools in a school district. So far, so great.

At this point, anyone can view a course page, and then click on its connecting registration page with a form. When a registrar opens a registration details page (sign in required), I need to show them all other registrations associated with that same student ID (a field in the course registration form). They need to see how many course registrations each student ID is affiliated with... so they can approve, deny or put any of them on hold.

It would also be great to stop a single student ID from registering for more than X amount of courses... perhaps prompt them to remove another registration, before they can add another one. I want to avoid requiring any student or parent to create an account in order to use this guide... I just want to limit how many course registration records can use a single student ID.

What's a good way to do this stuff? I'm pretty failure with the system at this point, so even theoretical explanations might help me out :-)

I think you need to get all students to create an account so that you have a user to work with. You could then use the SUM function to show the total number of units a student is enrolled in, and perhaps create a rule on that field that if it exceeds 4 it shows an error message? Not sure how or if you can do this exactly.

Did you work out how to do it?

I created an admin dashboard, where registrars (and school counselors) can sign in and filter registration requests by student number. As long as the student doesn't mess that number up (keeps it consistent), all their records will show. Alternatively, registrars can search by student or parent names, too. When a registrar approves a registration, the email used to request it will be sent instructions for what to do next. They can also switch the course to a "hold" status and provide other instructions.

Students and parents have access to a public page (no sign in needed) for searching classes associated with a student number, and then print that page after applying the filter. The public page only allows access to student number, school, status and career interest categories. Theoretically, any student could look up the classes that other students request with similar career interests.

Only sign in required so far is for a registrar or counselors to manage course requests, or for a teacher interested in managing a course listings. All access to all the registration request data, or to edit the course listings, must be approved.

They already have a student number. That's assigned by the school, not this application. I've been trying to use a student details object to connect each student number to any associated registrations... but it's not working.

One question: How do you plan to assign student ID's if the students do not create accounts (and thereby receive a unique student ID)?