Is it possible to map a form on a website to one object in a Knack DB?

I would like to have a form on my Wordpress page (behind a login), that allows students to sign up and enter a new record. There are a few connections for some fields that allow them to choose from existing records in other objects. I only want students who sign up to be able to enter in a new 'student' record and not access any of the other object records in the database.

Is this possible? Is there any good tutorials there? I'm pretty good with Javascript, but tbh I don't find the developer documentation overly helpful.

Any help would be really appreciated.

You should be able to embed your app on your site:

Then you can use the Users options in Knack, creating a Student role, to limit your students to only seeing the relevant page.

I have a demo app (HR in this case) in which an Employee user only gets to see the Self Service options whereas an HR user sees it all. Please feel free to try it (login options are shown on the 'home' page of the app):

I hope this helps.