Embed a knack form from one DB into another Knack DB

Does anyone know if it’s possible to use the embed feature from one knack DB to embed a record form into another Knack DB?

I have two walled DBs used by different departments in a client organisation. They want one to do able to send through details to the other department without logging out of their system or into the other?

I don’t want to mess around with APIs or zapier for this and so wondered if I could just embed a form from one DB into a logged in view in the other DB?

It may be possibly, but not recommended as Knack embeds inside of Knack is not really designed to work.

I think the thing I’d consider is using one app for the organization. Using the user features and connections you can have all of this in one app and enable some of the “detail sharing” you referenced.

This guide covers how you can link users to departments and allow the users of the departments to view the department data, while keeping other departments separate (view their own data). Once setup, sharing info between departments becomes much easier than having separate apps.

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Thanks Steve.

I’ve actually managed to solve it by creating a public “make an enquiry” form and simply linking to it from a rich text field in the other database. They are looking at putting that form on a website anyway so I don’t see any issues with linking to it.

I totally take your point on a better structure but the two databases are live and being used over a number of years, so this ask is a new requirement I need to build in. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the insight.

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