Knack Data Integration

I am looking to connect my Knack app to a third-party database to populate my app with data from the third-party database. I have the API for the database, I am just unsure how to connect my Knack app to the API. I am under the understanding I need to use the Knack API to do this? 


Any help would be extremely appreciated. 

Okay so it sounds like you'll be coding Knack events to push data out to your other app.

I recommend reading up on the Knack record events including:

Each returns a JSON object of the affected record you can then read and possibly using ajax calls send the updated data back to your other app.  Do you have a handle on your other app's API?

Hi Brad, thank you for the response. the connection im looking for will need to be fairly customizable for what I need. I am thinking i am going to need to go with the Knack API. I see that there is lots of info on what it can do, just looking for some guidance on how exactly to use it. 

Thank you.

Hey 401501210871, there's a few ways depending on what you want to achieve.

The tools available include the Knack API and writing Javascript 

Other options include Zapier and Integromat that'll handle record insert/update/delete type triggers without writing code.

Are you looking for a persistent type connection of data between the two apps?